Taking vs Doing

We live in a medicine ridden society – no doubt about it. Multi-billion dollar pharmacy corporations with their million dollar ad campaigns always telling us to “Ask your doctor if this is right for you” in a happy non-disclosed voice (unless it’s for a depression medication) then it’s in a very sad, very tired voice…which, for a moment, actually makes you think that you just might be depressed! Well, taking medicine for all your aliments is not always the answer. Sometimes doing something about your situation is so much better.

“Taking something doesn’t always make you as healthy as doing something can,” says John Abramson, M.D., a lecturer in health policy at Harvard medical school and the author of Overdosed America. “It’s better to try a lifestyle modification first. That way you’re actually trying to achieve better health, not just masking symptoms with drugs.”

Here is the full article: 8 Ways to Ditch Drugs

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