Tastes Good AND Healthy!?

While doing “healthy” research – I like to actually test workouts, ideas, and especially food that people claim to be healthy – so it was with a heavy heart (haha) that the authors of Eat This, Not That came up with another round of what’s good and what’s not. Many times, when calories are trying to be cut, taste goes too – but not in these cases. Though I haven’t been able to try all of the 10 items listed due to location, the ones I have “researched” are certainly worth their calorie cuts in taste. My favorites (so far) are:

The Black Angus Sirloin Japanese Hibachi (TGIF) not only is tasty and healthy but is fun – like it came right off the backyard grill fun.

The Simple & Fit Spinach, Mushroom & Tomato Omelette (IHOP) I wasn’t expecting to be that good to be honest, especially when you’re used to ordering the Denver Omelette – I’m glad good surprises can still come out of low expectations.

The Asiago Peppercorn Steak w/herb potatoes (Applebee’s) is always a crowd-pleaser and with the herb potatoes, you can’t go wrong.

The Barbecue Grilled Chicken w/with cheddar mashed potatoes (Ruby Tuesday) is excellent but I would have to say (sorry grilled chicken) that the white cheddar mashed potatoes steal the show.

Well, whatever foods you do end up eating throughout the year, make sure not to forget about your annual health examine – you want to be sure the foods you are eating are indeed treating you right. Just click here to schedule yours today.