The ‘Fat Tax’ Could Be Around the Corner for Us

It seems there are many different ideas coming out to put a halt to our growing obesity epidemic. The newest one around the world – the ‘Fat Tax’. Denmark has now joined in with Hungary as the second country to place a tax on foods with high amounts of saturated fat. We, here in the states, are currently battling less potatoes in the schools. Right, Wrong – who’s to say? But I guess at least something is being done and bringing attention to obesity. And if this FAT tax works over in Europe, I can see it coming soon to a local grocery store near you too.

With 1.6 billion people, according to WHO, that are eating themselves to obesity I don’t think there’s one good answer though or one particular thing that is going to stop this growing epidemic (pun intended). I’m sure the world will end up with a  combination of many “solutions” to finally get results. One thing for sure…getting periodic health screenings and staying on top of your health – being proactive, is a good thing to remain healthy and help you stray from any epidemic that comes along.