The Fountain of Youth?

Wouldn’t it be nice? Once a year…just head on down to the waters and soak your age away. Unfortunately, nice is usually not easy – but it is possible. There are many things we could be doing to help live a longer life – problem is, they take change and many of us don’t like change. So given an option between say eating nuts with our sandwich instead of potato chips – it stands to reason we pick the latter. Our (American) society is pretty much built this way – order a combo meal…and we get fries and a soda. Yes, it is slowing changing around, but it’s not going to change that much. So it’s really up to you if you want your own fountain of youth. Working out 20-30 min a day, drinking Cranberry juice and even eating Oatmeal cookies are all small things that will help improve your cholesterol which will help you stay healthy and, at least in your mind, young. Afterall…you’re as only as young as you feel…right? ; ) Here’s the full story with more excellent tips on how some small changes can lead to a longer life.

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