The P word (for us guys)

No, it’s not the five letter word ending in the letter S that we have…and it’s not the four letter one that comes out of the first. It’s something related to that: the Prostate.

Oh, yes…that little gland that helps to assist our ‘little guys’ to swim the ‘great barrier reef’ if you will. It is also the gland that can give us a lot of grief if not taken care of. And you may ask, “Well how do I take care of one of my glands?” And the simplest answer is: Watch your weight. This is a very good thing to do for ALL of your internal organs actually. It’s been proving that being overweight and especially having excessive abdominal fat (like our beer-belly) actually can progress cells into cancer. That’s pretty wild and a kind-of scary thing to consider…especially since I know so many guys who like to eat and drink, like myself. So as much as exercising seems like a chore – it turns out it can help fight the battle against us getting the P word cancer and the P word-itis (Prostatitis) which is the inflammation of our Prostate.

Also, eating your fruits and vegetables, especially red ones like watermelon, tomatoes and such can help too. (thank god for Bloody Marys  – though I’m assuming the Vodka doesn’t eliminate the good antioxidants we need – I sure hope not! Because then, I would sound like our parents – Exercise and eat your vegetables!)

But I suppose if it helps, then why not? Because I haven’t met one single guy yet who is looking forward to getting the news that he has PC or P-itis. But if you are a bit concerned and would like to get screened it’s as easy as clicking here. You definitely want to get tested if you are showing symptoms such as blood in your urine, not being able to get an erection, or if you have difficulty and/or pain when taking a four letter P word that ends with a S.