The Whole World is Going “Fat”:

It’s almost a trend now – Fat is in! According to the WHO (not the band…but that would be funny – the World Health Organization) it’s happening more and more around the world. I still will never understand it though, even if it is a trend. I was brought up in the ’80’s where we had things like the Presidential Physical Fitness Award Program and PE classes and parents telling us to go play outside. I know those have gone by the wayside now-a-days but for crying out loud – where are all the adults and parents now? Where has all the responsibility gone? It’s not our kids fault and it’s not the fast food industry’s fault – its our own (the adults) fault! Not watching out for yourself and for your kid’s diet can only be blamed on the person looking back at you in the mirror.

I went to our local farmers market last weekend as I usually do (it’s held inside our local community center during the winter) and there was this twenty-something girl petitioning to get names to campaign against McDonald’s to get them to stop using and marketing towards kids by way of Ronald McDonald. Seriously? Ronald brings smiles to kids. I loved seeing the commercials on TV when I was growing up. And seeing a commercial or two sure didn’t make me want to just quit watching my TV show and make a run to McDonalds to get a Big Mac. And even if I did try making a break for “Mc-e-d’s” (that’s what my family called it) my Mom or Dad or babysitter or whoever was watching me at that time would grab me and say “No!” Another great thing from the ’80’s – the Just Say No campaign.

So why is it now, that as a society and as humans, 1.6 billion people, according to WHO, are having a hard time saying “No” when it comes to eating ourselves to obesity? I don’t think there’s one good answer or one particular thing to blame. I’m sure it’s a combination of many factors. One thing that I think will help us through this “obesity craze” though is getting periodic health screenings – stay on top of your health and be proactive.