This Weekend, Watch Out for Fat

Fat is in! According to the the World Health Organization (WHO) people are getting more and more fat. And it’s happening around the world. So why is it, that as a society, 1.6 billion people according to WHO, are having a hard time saying “No” when it comes to eating ourselves to obesity? And this Memorial Day weekend we will be tempted. But one thing that I think can help us through this “obesity craze” is watching what we eat. There are some real simple things we can do to stay on top of our health including choosing foods that contain less fat and taking smaller portions. For instance, on the grill – choose sirloin steak instead of filet or ribeye; for the sides – enjoy a fresh spinach salad instead of coleslaw and instead of potato salad choose a baked potato (just don’t add too much butter and sour cream). Then to top everything off – you can get a periodic health screening to make sure your cholesterol and other important health factors are in check.