To Be…

or not to be…happy…that is the question. An article was published not too long ago about having the choice to be happy or not. I liked it. Yes, it does help that you had good parents that raised you, but that doesn’t always determine one’s happiness. You can read the full article here…and I would just add one thing to their list:

Get Tested/Screened

People who maintain their health by getting an annual exam or tests done by professionals tend to be happier than those who don’t. I would have to say it’s quite difficult to remain happy if you have an ailment keeping you down. And many times you may not even know what exactly is ailing you. That’s one of the reasons we created our health website to begin with – to provide an outlet to get a screening done anytime you want. It’s quick and convenient – just click here to find out more and help keep yourself happy! And if you think that it may be an STD that’s ailing you…you can easily get that check as well over at our sister site here.