To D or Not To D

Fall is upon us and the clouds and colder weather have already moved in (well, at least here in the Midwest anyway) and it’s decision making time – do I start going to the tanning beds again or start taking supplements to get my Vitamin D intake? Now I know there is a LOT of hype around tanning beds and skin cancer, but for many of us, who are not fortunate to live in a nice year-long sunny state, it’s about the only way to keep a tan. Plus, if done correctly they can actually benefit you by providing necessary Vitamin D our bodies need – for the full story just click here. And for you Midwestern naturalists out there, taking supplements is about the best shot we have to keep our body’s Vitamin D levels on track during the fall and winter months.

But either way (or even if you do a combination of both), you need to be monitoring your Vitamin D levels. Lack of Vitamin D is linked to some cancers, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Even pregnant women with insufficient levels can bare children that have lower bone density than normal. So if you’re feeling like you’ve been trapped indoors all summer long and haven’t had some fun in the sun – you might want to get your Vitamin D levels checked, especially if you’re experience frequent muscle fatigue and/or dull aches and pains. And on the opposite spectrum, if you’ve been taking Vitamin D supplements knowing that you haven’t been in the sun much and are experiencing a decreased appetite, irritability and/or vomiting – you could have too much Vitamin D in your system. Getting tested will allow you to find out where your levels are now. Don’t wait too long…Vitamin D is one of the most (if not the most) important vitamin we need as humans – as stated here.