Under Pressure

Kind-of makes you want to start singing right? “pushing down on me…pressing down on you…” And though Queen’s song wasn’t really singing about our Blood Pressure, it does have many lines that can correlate to it. Every time you see your results, you want them to be around 120 over 80. And if your Blood Pressure (or BP) is any higher, and  stays that way for long, you are putting yourself at risk for tissue & organ damage and quite possibly a stroke – something that “no man ask for” And research has shown that the higher your BP is the higher your risk for damage to occur…which is  “the terror of knowing”

“Why – why – why” you may ask, would my Blood Pressure not remain normal? Well, there are some easy-to-pick out contributing factors for elevated BP. A few include “knowing what the world is about”: Stress, smoking, drinking two or more alcoholic beverages a day, excess salt in your diet, obesity, and family history. The good news? It can be controlled.

So if you have been “Under Pressure” lately and/or have never heard of the normal range of 120 over 80 or less, then I suggest it’s time to get your BP tested. Besides “can’t we give ourselves one more chance” to stay healthy?