Wanna Know How Healthy you Are? There’s (gonna be) an App for That.

appsIt seems Google has launched a study/app that will eventually show a person “what it means to be healthy.” It’s called the Baseline Study Kit (for now) and it will eventually help those using it to identify when any potential health problems may arise (and then recommends what prescription you need and will automatically inject it into your body to take care of your ailment). Of course that last part I made up, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone attempts to add something like that in the future. I can see it now…you wake up and start your day a little differently than normal, your app starts beeping and alerts you, “you feeling ok?”, you respond “yes, siri or cortana (or whatever the new name will be) just thought I’d try getting up from the other side of the bed today.“

I’m all for being healthy…but when does it stop? There is such a thing as too much, I think so anyway, plus we already have many good ways of checking our health with real life professionals. Now, if that app makes you cough, checks your pulse and somehow relays your high blood pressure levels to your primary care physician AND schedules you an appointment then I’m on board. In the meantime, all I see is pharmaceutical pop-up ads every time you deviate from your “normal” routine.

Until then, if you would like to check you overall health status and may not have the best insurance coverage you can pick and choose your tests and schedule your appointment (sorry, that still has to be done manually) and tests are performed by real people who happen to be trained professionals in the field (until A.I. is invented and takes over the world I suppose).