Want to Feel Younger? Go Get a Flush.

Yep, that’s what we might be doing in the future…if the research continues and is successful (you can read the full story here). We will be flushing out our old cells to give our good cells room to do what they do best. It’s not that inconceivable if you stop to think about it. What do we do with our cars? If you regularly change the oil, get a radiator flush every other year or so and keep the tires properly filled with air – your car will run a lot better and more efficiently. Well, this ‘flushing’ technique someday could do the same for our bodies – keep it so that we ‘run’ a lot better, therefore allowing our good cells to work more efficiently…which in turn, would keep us healthier.

Though don’t sit around waiting for this to happen anytime soon as it’s currently only in mice trial studies. Use what’s available now to help keep yourself feeling young and healthy – dietary cleanses to help ‘flush’ out unwanted byproducts/toxins and health screenings to check for possible signs of potential health problems.