Watch Out How You Eat

Nope, you read it correctly – it turns out HOW you decide to eat could lead you into health issues (and I’m not referring to “chewing your food 20 to 30 times before you swallow” – though that is helpful). Instead I’m referring to Orthorexia. It’s a fairly new concept coined by Dr. Steven Bratman about the extremes people can go through when it comes to food. And with obesity on the rise, many are changing their eating habits quite drastically – new celebrity diets popping up, new food trends and fads, constant advertising, it’s no wonder some people are going to extremes. Just watch out when changing your food habits and keep in mind that your body needs essential vitamins and minerals daily to maintain a healthy state inside and out. And our goal at is to give you the tools to check your overall health – no matter if you are deciding to change your diet or just haven’t been able to find a doctor or more importantly worried about costs because you have no health insurance. It’s easy, convenient and inexpensive.