What If Everyone Could See Your Health Status?

Just imagine once a year you wake up to get the newspaper, see the morning news and/or look online and find your own personal health status there for the world to review. Would you change some of your habits? Would try to live differently? Would you perhaps not indulge in some of the unhealthy things you find enjoyable? And with the Thanksgiving holiday here, maybe that third helping of stuffing would be much easier to pass up then.

Being in the public eye certainly can have advantages, and of course, its disadvantages (I mean, even I like third helpings)…but what if it happened? It was just a thought of mine that came up when I saw that the White House released our President’s health status – Obama healthy.

What a different world it be – but believe it or not, we are actually indirectly getting to to a point to where this is coming true. Through the social media sites that are all the craze – many are sharing their everyday thoughts, opinions and yes, even their own health status. For example, I have a friend who posted that she was denied coverage for health insurance because she was overweight. People then started giving her advice for different kinds of diets and even other insurance options. Then I have a friend who is battling cancer and he posts updates almost everyday. Though yes, posts like these are generally made to gain support but none-the-less, 10 years ago only their closets friends/family/colleagues would have known any of that information – not all 1,152 of their so-called ‘friends’. And this weekend, I’m sure ‘post’ will be flying on the web like: “Oh, why did I eat so much!”, and “I’m out shopping on Black Friday for bigger clothes now thanks to all the turkey!”, and “I’ll never do that again – at least not until next year – lol!”

Too bad, cause if your health WAS public knowledge, then they might read more like: “Oh, that was such a delicious meal!”, and “I’m out shopping on Black Friday – got such great deals on clothes!”, and “I’ll never do that again – at least not until next year – my family IS crazy!” (well, okay…maybe that’s just my family – lol!).

Either way, I hope your Thanksgiving holiday is/was a good one this year…