What is Happening to Me?

It’s normal and has become cliche to hear stories and see TV shows about “women” not “in the mood” for sex because of a headache or menopause or just stress in general. But as a “man”, it’s still somewhat difficult and embarrassing to admit having any sexual issues…especially when your partner IS “in the mood”. Then of all a sudden you become the “woman” – giving excuses like “I’m tired”, “maybe in the morning”, “how about tomorrow”, “I have a headache” etc, etc.

Guys – you always remember being able to perform while having sex right? No problems right? So what has happened? Well, it could be many factors, but one sure fire way of coming up with answers would be to have your Testosterone levels tested. You could very well have abnormal levels – which, thank goodness, is very easily remedied. And just like that, you are back on track! Quick, easy, affordable, and best of all, treatable – all within the privacy and convenience of your own schedule.

No more worrying about whether or not your arousal will hinder you in your next sexual encounter. Get your testosterone levels checked today.