Where Has America Gone?

I can’t recognize it anymore! From prosperous and good looking to debt-ridden and fat. And I only wish I could use the slang word Phat, but even that has gone by the wayside. With our current trends, this is what will be – “Fat” debt along with Fat Americans. We are quite literally…spending and eating ourselves to the death…among other things. But I guess that in itself is keeping with our American culture of: “If you’re going to do it – do it BIG or don’t do it at all!”

Unfortunately, we are only dooming ourselves like this article states and it needs to turn around quickly…. or we will end up a society portrayed in the movie WALL-E. And you know, when I first saw the movie I thought, “Wow, Disney/Pixar really has a sick and twisted mind about our future.” But then the more I see, the more I think, “Wow – they were right on!” And taking steps like providing less potatoes in schools, not allowing activities like dodgeball, tag, kickball, etc for fear of injuries and fights, and adding MORE desk time are NOT the right ways to go about this crisis…like stated here.

For us adults – we should all look into the mirror and repeat this: “Shame, shame, shame!” I don’t know what else to say – except from what I’ve already written in the past:  “…for crying out loud – where are all the adults and parents now? Where has all the responsibility gone? It’s not our kids fault, (it’s not the school’s fault) and it’s not the fast food industry’s fault – its our own (the adults) fault!”

From trying to sue over the pettiest of issues, to creating “food challenges” to overspending (cause afterall, “It takes money to get money”) – just to try and gain popularity and/a buck. The kids aren’t coming up with these ideas – we (the adults) are. And until WE change, they will keep following in our footsteps and become adults just like us. We need to change…and find America again.