Your Annual Health Screening

I was having a conversation with a nurse just the other day speaking about how sometimes people find out things purely by accident. Her story involved a person who took a fall during work at her job. It wasn’t a bad fall and she didn’t get anything but a bruise on her side – but her boss wanted her to go get some tests done anyway…just in case. Turned out from the labwork and then future x-rays that she actually had a kidney stone that pretty much was the size of her fist…which is about the size of your kidney anyway! Well, after many complicated procedures and months off work – it was taken care of. But the moral of the story here is: an annual routine full health screening (blood draw, urine sample, lab work) would have found this in it’s beginning stages and could have easily been taken care of years ago – but she never did go get any screenings done because she always “felt okay”.

Well, this is a perfect example of why it’s important to get screened at least once a year. Just because you may not be experiencing any symptoms or pain (or they go come and go) doesn’t mean that there may not be a serious underlying issue just waiting to “explode” into a bigger more complicated health problem.

We make it convenient to get tested and even have an affordable Men’s and a Women’s health screening package which is just a click away.