Your Baby’s Health in the Womb

Congratulations! A baby is on the way! Now, comes the 9 months (give or take) of sacrifice. “Don’t eat this, you shouldn’t eat that, don’t get stressed, drink this, don’t drink that, stop smoking, keep exercising, don’t get depressed, watch out for this, don’t ever do that”…and it seems like it just never stops! I’m sure it gets to a point to where any expectant mother just wants to stop, scream, and do everything that she’s been told not to do just because of all the stress and pressure of being told not to do it! That’s probably why women get pregnant instead of men – us men wouldn’t last a week without ‘caving’ in and giving up the whole process.

So yes women, you have a tough road ahead once the decision has been made to have a child. But like a road, you want to make it as smooth of a ride as possible for your future child and doing so usually does mean sacrifice. More and more studies are being done about Fetal Origins or more simply – how your baby is affected in the womb by the things you do. It isn’t to scare, alarm, or to create more stress…but rather to instill awareness. Like driving above the speed limit, not wearing your seatbelt, or even driving after drinking alcohol – you can do it, but there may be (and usually are) consequences down that road later on. Some with lasting effects that can follow throughout one’s lifetime.

The same can be applied to having a baby. What a mother does during that 9-month ‘road trip’ will have lasting effects on her child – good and bad. Here’s a more recent article: How prenatal life may shape adult life.